Support for film festivals and events

As is the case for production and exploitation, the decree of 17/08/2012 provides financial support for organising film festivals. Article 1 of the joint decree of 19 September 2012, issued by the Minister of Communication (acting as Government spokesperson) and the Minister of State for Finance in charge of the budget, sets out the reasons for that support:

1- consolidate the professionalism of film festivals supported, improve their level of organisation, and guarantee their durability and independence

2- support the complementarity of festivals in matters of themes and geographical spread ;

3- develop the attractiveness of film festivals and their influence at national and international level.

Decree setting the conditions and criteria for providing support for organising film festivals

Specifications relating to support for organising film festivals

Commission members

  • Ms. Khadija ALAMI LAAROUSSI - Chairwoman
  • Ms. Fatma Zahra MOUHIME
  • Ms. Layla TRIQUI
  • Mr. Driss EL KERRI
  • Mr. Mohamed Fadel EL JOUMMANI
  • Ms. Chanaz EL AKRICHI
  • Mr. Hicham IBRAHIMI
  • Mr. Mourad LATIFI

Deadlines for submitting applications

05 March
05 July

Film festivals and events supported in 2013

Film festivals and events supported in 2014